Emerging Technologies in Drug Discovery and Development

Shanghai, September 23-25, 2024.

The 9th International Conference on Emerging Technologies in Drug Discovery and Development (IAPC-9) will be organized by the International Association of Physical Chemists, ADMET and DMPK Journal and co-organized by Peking University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (北京大学药学院), Shanghai Jiao Tong University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (上海交通大学药学院), Medicilon (美迪西) and TandemAI (上海腾迈联新生物技术有限公司).. The conference is aimed at providing a unique global forum where scientists and leaders working in different but closely related areas of pharmaceutical research, from drug discovery through to drug development, will meet in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss and rationalize their results and challenges. The IAPC-9 conference is a part of the traditional series of conferences taking place in alternating European/Eastern Asia countries. The previous conferences have been successfully held in European and Asian countries: Rovinj 2009, Zadar 2011, Dubrovnik 2013, Red Island 2015, Zhuhai (China) 2016, Zagreb (2017), Osaka (Japan) 2018, Split (Croatia) 2019 and Belgrade (Serbia) 2023.

From their beginnings these conferences experienced a rapid increase in a number of delegates reaching the number close to 200. Delegates involve key scientists in pharmaceutical research and drug development including PhysChem/formulation, bioanalysis, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics, toxicology, medicinal chemistry, translational medicine, imaging technology, from major pharmaceutical companies and prestigious universities from the five continents.

The central theme for the IAPC-9 meeting is “Emerging Technologies in Drug Discovery and Development”, which aims at disseminating and sharing novel technologies and cutting edge platforms in drug discovery and development, with particular emphases on:

(1) cut down R&D cost using the state-of-art drug design and the latest technologies,
(2) avoid  likely liability and mitigate potential risk at the early drug discovery stage with efficient ADMET evaluations,
(3) reduce drug attrition during both drug discovery and development phases,
(4) improve drug transition/ efficacy and human dose prediction utilizing reliable preclinical (animal) models and relevant PK/PD/PBPK and translational models.
(5) ensure drug safety by comprehensive safety assessments and de-risking approaches.

The conference in Shanghai goes along with the mission of the IAPC society and it will boost even further activities aimed for:

Promoting global innovation & partnership
Establishing global network between industrial research and academia
Advancing science and spreading knowledge
Helping sustainable development of the society and fostering economic growth

Well balanced scientific program is planned. The speakers include highly prominent and world recognized scientists and professionals who made and are still making significant progress in the field. They have been selected due to their past credentials and distinctive vision of the future.