The preliminary program of the summer school you can find below. The final program will be posted here in July.

Friday, September 01 (PLIVA lecture room)

1. Rolf Hilfiker: The importance of choosing the optimal solid form of drug. Salts, co-crystals, polymorphs and solvates (4 hours)
2. Alex Avdeef: Biophysical Model for Drug Absorption: (a) in Rat Jejunum and Colon (1 hour)
3. Alex Avdeef: Biophysical Model for Drug Absorption: (b) in Human Jejunum (1 hour )
4. Biserka Cetina Čižmek: PLIVA visit (2-3 hours)
5. Christos Reppas: Choosing the optimal oral dosage form (2 hours)

Saturday, September 02 (PLIVA lecture room)

1. Abu Serajuddin: Biopharmaceutical roadmap: optimization of clinical drug product performance (1 hour)
2. Jasna Padovan: DMPK in drug discovery (2 hours)
3. Jasna Padovan: Visit of Fidelta (1-2 hours)

Sunday, September 03 (Hotel Westin)

1. Abu Serajuddin: Recent advances in the solid dispersion of poorly water-soluble drugs (2 hours)
2. Alex Avdeef: Both Passive and Carrier-Mediated Uptake are Important in Drug Disposition (1 hour)
3. Christos Reppas: Biorelevant In vitro performance testing of orally administered drug products: Case studies (2 hours)
4. Gordana Turkalj: Extending Drug Product Patent Protection (1-2 hours)
5. Kin Tam: Prodrugs: A Brief Introduction (2 hours)
6. Klara Valko: Lead optimization by biomimetic chromatography (2 hours)
7. Biserka Cetina Čižmek:  Compatibility testing in drug product development (2 hours)



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